The 20 NO’s of Beauty And Personal Care

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Like any woman, you want to be and stay beautiful, regardless of age. But you don’t have time to do sports or the will to refrain when you see a delicious cake or snacks. Fortunately, there are some things you can do for your beauty.


And there are some things that, better said, it’s better NOT to do…

Out of the desire to take care of yourself and look good or better, you can harm your beauty. Here’s how! Below you have 20 of the NOs of beauty, 20 rules that you would do well not to load, to look good without too much effort or without having to fix then…

1. Dry hair by rubbing with a towel

When wet, hair is more sensitive than ever. So: don’t blow it by rubbing it with the towel!

Better wrap your towel around your head in a turban shape and let it dry like this.

2. Use expired creams or makeup

You risk getting pimples or getting irritated if you use expired creams and lotions; the preservatives in them take effect only for a limited period of time.

After the expiration date, make-up creams and make-up become a suitable growth environment for bacteria.

Immediately throw away any expired product, even if it hurts your soul!

3. Deodorant immediately after epilation

Skin sensitized after epilation is even more irritated by alcohol and perfume.

Shave or  and use deodorant only in the morning! Choose one that is as natural as possible.

4. Excessive skin care

Too many creams and care products irritate the skin.

Consistently use only products from the same range, which you have found to suit you.

5. Tight hair very tight

When you catch your hair in a bun or in a ponytail, do not use rubber bands that tighten your hair too much, because it affects the roots of the strands.

It is better to tie it more easily and catch the strands that escape with clips.

6. Nail polish without protective varnish

You risk waking up that your nails have a yellowish, unsightly color. A protective varnish applied before the colored nail polish eliminates this risk.

In addition, the nail polish with a protective role nourishes your nails and covers irregularities.

7. Squeezing the baskets with your fingers

Your fingers are full of bacteria, no matter how much you wash your hands. They can cause infections.

It is better to squeeze them using a piece of gauze or paper handkerchiefs, with which you cover your fingers, after a !

8. Cleaning creamy masks with water

Water diminishes the effect of creamy masks.

It is preferable to remove them with a paper handkerchief or a  .

9. Self-tanning without peeling

You will wake up with stained skin, because the , mixes with the impurities on the skin until it penetrates the skin.

If you use a peel / exfoliate as usual, your tan will be uniform, without “spots”.

Here are some valuable tips on.

10. Arranging eyelashes with fingers

You risk snatching your lashes if you intend to arrange them with your own fingers.

It is better to use a brush, with which you gently detach the threads glued together, after applying a mask.

11. Daily use of an exfoliant

Daily peeling has the opposite effect than expected: the skin becomes rougher.

 once a week is enough .

12. Grease with sunscreen only on the beach

You will get burns. You must use sunscreen before leaving the house and exposing yourself to the sun. In fact, every time you leave the house, not necessarily at the beach.

Some  take effect only 30 minutes after application. So late, when you are already exposed to radiation.

Yes, it is good to reapply sunscreen, with a suitable SPF, on the beach, after you get out of the water or at regular intervals, because the effectiveness of SPF products decreases after a few hours.

13. Apply nail polish after bathing

From the hot water in the bathroom, the nails swell. When it dries, their surface is compressed and the previously applied varnish will peel off.

So, for a manicure at home, apply nail polish only on completely dry nails.

14. Sleep without cleansing beforehand

The result of not removing make-up before going to sleep? Pimples, wrinkles, full skin.

That’s why, no matter how tired you are, don’t go to bed without make-up!

15. Long and hot baths

Dry your skin to stay in the hot bath for a long time.

A bath should not last more than 10 minutes (at most 39 degrees Celsius!).

Afterwards, it is mandatory to pamper your body skin with a moisturizer.

16. Lipstick when dry

You dry them even harder if you start to gnaw them. In addition, you can choose with wounds.

A better solution is to grease them with Vaseline and gently clean them with a soft toothbrush.

17. Daily use of curler or electric curlers or hair straightener

The high temperature of the hair-styling devices dries the hair and attacks the tips.

An alternative would be to use sponge curlers and sleep with them if you want curls.

Also, try to gradually give up straightening your hair with the plate. Use a rotating brush for long hair on a lower heat level for as long as possible. She’s gentler. And necessarily with a thermal hair protection cream.

18. Do not wear glasses if you are short-sighted

If you do not wear glasses because you do not see well, you will make a lot of wrinkles. That’s because you roll your eyes when you look to see into the distance.

It’s a shame, especially now that there are so many modern frame models!

19. Rubbing your eyes often

You risk injuring your cornea and wrinkles.

Better buy  especially if you spend a lot of time in front of the computer or TV – screens in general. Or, of course, if you wear.

20. Fixing foam in wet hair

The hairstyle will last less, although you tend to think that you make it stay stiff for as long as possible.

How to proceed correctly: before applying  , dry your hair a little with a towel or, until no more water flows from it if you squeeze it between your fingers.

What other NOs and habits harmful to beauty do you know? Write them to us in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


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