How to Best Style Your Hair Long And Too Often in Summer?

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If your hair is well cut, but it doesn’t look good at all, it’s chaotic; it’s too often and quite long, summer becomes hard to control. Mine, for example, curls only in the back, otherwise it is relatively straight, but with a frizzy effect. When I use , it settles and curls naturally.

If I try to stretch it, it takes me a long time, and summer is not a good idea. It also helps me dry it and style it at the same time with the rotating brush. But it’s still long and hot when I do. It’s very often! In addition, I have balayage with recently renewed blonde (with fading so) and it’s not a good idea to stretch it too often.

Curl with curler? Also, it takes a long time in summer, being so very often.

But  thermal protection hair cream helps me a lot when I use a hairdresser.

But I also have a useful method, gentle and fast, recently discovered, perfect for very long and long hair, especially in summer. Here’s how to style your hair long and often in the summer! There are many girls in our situation, with long and thick hair, difficult to style in summer, you know.

The “out of bed” hairstyle is very popular among the stars, which, fortunately, can be obtained very easily.

After washing, apply a mousse / hair mousse on damp  . I prefer Wella, of all times: efficient and convenient in price.

Don’t comb your hair – just arrange it by running your fingers through your hair.

Choose a thinner elastic (but quite long) with which to catch your hair, taking care that the windings of the elastic on the tail do not overlap, on the principle of the spiral.

The more windings you get (let’s call them “parallels”), the more “out of bed” your hair will look at the end.

Untie the tail in the morning, but refrain from combing it – arrange it with your fingers. Then fix everything with a hairspray.

Here are some other 

What tricks to arrange the hair do you know for long and very thick hair? Leave them in the comments section at the bottom of the page. It matters a lot to us.

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