Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

In accordance with this privacy policy, the Wow Fashion Guru may process, use or disclose your personal information collected when you visit our website. The collection and use of your information in line with the terms of this privacy statement is contingent upon your using this website or providing your information in any other means, whether manually or electronically.


The Wow Fashion Guru has a lot of digital deals from all of the most popular brands and stores. If you buy something through one of the affiliate links on our site, we will get a commission. We need to get these commissions to keep our website’s integrity and keep it running smoothly.
You can email us at if you have any questions about the privacy policy or the site itself.

Data Collection

We care about your privacy and do our best to keep all of your information safe and secure. Even though we are the only ones who own the data, we promise that it will never be rented, transferred, or sold to a third party in a way that is not covered by this policy.
We get the information from a number of places on the website, like when we collect data from other websites and companies about demographics and how people use them. If we find that the policy needs to be changed, we’ll let you know right away, and all the changes will be made as soon as possible in the policy.


We might share your analytical data with our partners, customers, and advertisers so that we can offer you a wide range of services. It has nothing to do with personal information that can be used to find out who someone is. When you sign up for these services, personal information like your name and contact information will be given to a third party. Third parties won’t use the information you give them for anything other than getting you the services you want. We could also use this information to keep an eye on how the site works to make it better.


Cookies help us tell you apart from other people who use our website. These cookies help us give you a good experience on our website and also help us make it better. When you use our services, you are putting your faith in us that we will handle these cookies in a safe way.
Cookies are small text files that a web server sends to your browser or to the hard drive of your computer. These files store information about the sites you visit. These cookies let us link your activity to other services you use and information we have in your profile. They are often used to improve how well a website works.


There are numerous links on the website that will take you to other websites. We accept no responsibility for the privacy policies of other websites to which you may be directed. However, we recommend that you read the privacy policy to understand all of the information about data usage.


If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policies or the website, please contact us at

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